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Tengo +9 años de experiencia en marketing digital. Me especializo en la generación de prospectos con Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads y SEO.  Gestiono proyectos digitales con mi marca: Comvergencia. Alcanzando a gestionar hasta 300K USD al mes en gasto publicitario durante 2023.

Who I am

Marianna Valencia

I have a degree in economics and more than 9 years of experiencie in online marketing. My expertise is lead generation with paid media and content. 

I have crafted hundreds of sales funnels,, y ayudado a adquirir miles de leads  cualificados.


Por medio de mi empresa de marketing, Comvergencia, dirijo proyectos digitales, con un equipo de talentos de distintos países. 

The niches I have main experience with are Marcas Personales de Coaching, e-Commerce, SaaS y Salud Oral. 

My services

Google Ads

I create and manage Google Ads campaigns (search, display, YouTube Ads) to acquire new leads, bringing them to your landing pages.

Facebook Ads

I manage Facebook and Instagram Ads (Meta Ads), with persuasive images and videos, to get more leads and sales.

Technical SEO

I optimize every month, your website to get faster loading times and no errors. Doing conversion optimization and organic SEO

LinkedIn Ads

I run hyper-specific LinkedIn campaigns to reach businesses and roles within companies that meet your target.

Lead Magnets

Nothing more effective to get a lead than through an e-book, webinar, white paper or tutorial. I help you develop high converting lead magnets.

Mentoring / Consultation

If you want to learn how to do ads, improve your copy, rank your business, then hire hourly o monthly sessions.

My methology

My main focus is your business core: sales. I evaluate with my team which is the best way to start generating leads with your marketing budget. We design a plan, define metrics (KPI's or OKR's) and we measure the results, making adjustments when needed. I work WITH your company, creating one team to achieve the goals outlined, managing your resources efficiently. I have been doing this for +9 years. Your business is in good hands!

Tools I work with

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is the tool needed to know all your web data. Here we track all activity related to your website visits and conversions, sing UTM parameters when needed to track with more precision.

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Google Tag Manager

With this tool we manage all conversion pixels or codes for your website; such as WhatsApp conversations, sent forms, purchases or downloads, among others. This way, we don't need to access your website as many times.

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Google Data Studio

With Data Studio you can visualize all your data from marketing in one place, whether it's paid advertising or earned traffic (organic). 

Data Studio
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If you need we will design your website or improve your existing one to gain more conversions.

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I use SEMrush among others, to optimize your web organic ranking.



Where I did or currently do marketing

Where I have been a speaker

And, some testimonials

I've had the pleasure of working with Marianna over time. Her work is consistent and her knowledge in digital media has served my company well. ¡I highly recommend her!

Arnt Obsidian
Founder, Keep of Kalessin

Marianna has great digital communication skills. One of her greater strengths is to compel people to take action with persuasion.

Laura Tate
VP Marketing, Kardome
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